Future Exam Questions

August 10, 2018
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Here is a set of possible exam questions you could face. For guidance on how to write essays, try my book How to Write Philosophical Essays available in the peped shop. Model essays are also available in book form. Remember to apply natural law to euthanasia and issues surrounding sexual ethics for the full GCE A level.

Natural Law

  1. “Natural Law does not present a helpful method for making moral decisions”. Discuss
  2. “Moral decisions should be based on duty, not purpose”. Assess with reference to the theory of Natural Law.
  3. “Human beings are born with the tendency to pursue morally good ends”. Evaluate in the light of teleological aspects of Natural Law.
  4. “Explain and justify the doctrine of double effect with reference to an ethical dilemma of your choice concerning euthanasia”.
  5. Critically assess the view that natural law is the best approach to issues surrounding sexual ethics

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