Future Exam Questions

August 10, 2018
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Here is a set of possible exam questions you could face. For guidance on how to write essays, try my book How to Write Philosophical Essays available in the peped shop. Model essays are also available in book form. Remember to apply Kantian ethics  to issues in business ethics (such as duties to stakeholders, whistleblowing and concern for the environment) and issues surrounding sexual ethics for the full GCE A level. What happens in Kantian ethics when two categorical duties conflict?

  1. “Kantian ethics is helpful in providing practical guidelines for making moral decisions in every context”. Discuss
  2. Evaluate to what extent duty can be the sole basis for a moral action.
  3. “Kantian ethics is too abstract to be useful in practical ethical decision-making’. Discuss
  4. “In neglecting the role of emotions in favour of pure reason, Kantian ethics fails to give a realistic account for our human nature”. Discuss
  5. “Kantian ethics is the best approach to issues surrounding business ethics”. Discuss OCR H573/2 June 2018



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