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Welcome to Political Investigations – the website designed for A level students and teachers to take you all the way to A*!

Rubik's cube by BooyabazookaImagine a Rubik’s cube. On the front of the cube is a topic area broken down by stages according to a designed order for teaching that topic, which experienced teachers consider the clearest. You have to start somewhere and end somewhere.

Then imagine four columns which represent various intelligences or routes in to perfect understanding: a visual, verbal, kinaesthetic (bodily) and logical route. This represents the face of the cube, and then there are layers of depth – a place to start, a deeper level and finally an A*, challenging and extending level – these elements of the third dimension of the cube.

This metaphor represents the aims of politicalinvestigations (PI).

  • PI is not a revision site. It is a thinking site, although we will post revision materials about one month before the exam.
  • PI is not just exam focused. We aim to put first a genuine desire to understand and deepen our subject.
  • PI is bang up to date, unlike your textbook. We will post new material week by week, and blog regularly about things in the news.
  • PI is absolutely free – and will remain so, we ask you just to JAM – Just Add Motivation, and we believe you will do well.
  • PI is a community, of experienced teachers who know how to get great results, and of students willing to go for them. Why not join us and make your own contribution?

I invite you to feedback to me and here is my email address. Please also keep a look out for broken links or things that don’t work properly. Above all I hope you enjoy the site and will be part of our journey into this exciting subject and its relation to other subjects (to begin with, our sister sites, philosophicalinvestigations, now live, and economic investigations, coming shortly).

Peter Baron                                                                                                                 Alaine Christian
Managing Editor                                                                                                         Politics Editor