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    H573 OCR Teaching Resource:
    Whole Course Yr1 & Yr2

H573 OCR Teaching Resource: Whole Course Yr1 & Yr2

Including Teaching Resources:
H573/01 Philosophy of Religion – yr1
H573/02 Religion & Ethics – yr1
H573/03 Developments in Religious Thought – yr1

H573/01 Philosophy of Religion – yr2
H573/02 Religion & Ethics – yr2
H573/03 Religious Thought – yr2

Authors: Peter Baron, Andrew Capone and Daniella Dunsmore
Product Format: Contains 1 zip file of each subject as a digital download (please see our FAQs for information on downloading)

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This pack includes:

From Philosophy of Religion (year 2)

This pack contains: 212 Word Docs & 11 PowerPoints:
  • Theological and Philosophical Development with 48 Word Docs and 4 PowerPoints
  • Religious Language Classical with 24 Word Docs and 3 PowerPoints
  • Religious Language Logical Positivism with 40 Word Docs and 4 PowerPoints

File list: (note: all files are Word Docs unless otherwise stated)

4 NAG Nature and Attributes of God (folder)
NAG1 Omnipotence
  • NAG O Nature and Attributes of God
  • NAG1 A1 Argument Angel – Aquinas
  • NAG1 A1 Diamond 9 – Omnipotence
  • NAG1 A2 Argument Analysis – Aquinas
  • NAG1 A2 Mind Mapping
  • NAG1 A3 Bloom Cube – Omnipotence
  • NAG1 A3 Plenary Triangle
  • NAG1 E1 Source – Biblical Accounts
  • NAG1 E2 Source – Aquinas
  • NAG1 E3 Source – Descartes
  • NAG1 L Omnipotence
  • NAG1 P Omnipotence pptx
NAG2 Benevolence
  • NAG2 A1 Sorting – Decalogue
  • NAG2 A1 Venn Diagram – Characteristics
  • NAG2 A2 Key Points – Jesus
  • NAG2 A2 Silent Debate – Goodness of God
  • NAG2 A3 Image Assignment – Euthpyphro
  • NAG2 A3 Triangulation – Nature of God
  • NAG2 E1 Source – Biblical Extracts
  • NAG2 E2 Source – Richard Swinburne
  • NAG2 E3 Source – Kant and Jerome
  • NAG2 L Benevolence
  • NAG2 P Benevolence pptx
NAG3 Omniscience
  • NAG3 A1 Argument Temple – Nature of God
  • NAG3 A2 Revision Pamphlet – Nature of God
  • NAG3 A3 Dominos – Nature of God
  • NAG3 A3 Three Questions – Omniscience
  • NAG3 E1 Source – Biblical Extracts
  • NAG3 E2 Source – Louis of Molina
  • NAG3 E3 Source – Richard Dawkins
  • NAG3 L Omniscience
  • NAG3 P Omniscience pptx
  • NAG3.A1 Scholar Comparison
  • NAG3.A2 Knowledge Wheel – Omniscience
NAG4 Eternity
  • NAG4 A1 Key Terms – Nature of God
  • NAG4 A1 Question Analysis – Eternity
  • NAG4 A2 De Bono Hats – Boethius
  • NAG4 A2 Scholar Dialogue – Boethius and Lady Philosophy
  • NAG4 A3 Confused Opinions – Eternity
  • NAG4 A3 Taboo – Nature of God
  • NAG4 D1 Summary – Boethius
  • NAG4 E1 Source – Biblical Accounts
  • NAG4 E2 Source – Greek Accounts
  • NAG4 E3 Source – Augustine
  • NAG4 E4 Source – Boethius
  • NAG4 E5 Source – Aquinas
  • NAG4 E6 Source – Swinburne
  • NAG4 E7 Source – Swinburne
  • NAG4 E8 Source – Davies
  • NAG4 L Eternity
  • NAG4 P Eternity pptx
5 Religious Language Classical
RLC.O Classical Religious Language
RLC1 Via Negativa
  • RLC1 A1 Diamond 9 – Via Negativa
  • RLC1 A1 Key Terms – Religous Language
  • RLC1 A2 Argument Analysis – Via Negativa
  • RLC1 A2 De Bono Hats – Maimonides
  • RLC1 A3 Confused Opinions – Via Negativa
  • RLC1 A3 Plenary Triangle – Via Negativa
  • RLC1 E1 Source – Moses Maimonides
  • RLC1 L Apophatic Way
  • RLC1 P Via Negativa
RLC2 Analogy
  • RLC2 A1 Argument Angel – Via Negativa
  • RLC2 A1 Question Analysis – Via Negativa
  • RLC2 A2 Key Points Table – Analogy
  • RLC2 A2 Mind Mapping – Analogy
  • RLC2 A3 Bloom Cube – Analogy
  • RLC2 A3 Image Assigning – Baker
  • RLC2 E1 Source – Aquinas
  • RLC2 L Cataphatic Way
  • RLC2 P Analogy
RLC3 Symbol
  • RLC3 A1 Scholar Comparison – Maimonides and Aquinas
  • RLC3 A1 Venn Diagram – Positive and Negative language
  • RLC3 A2 Knowledge Wheel – Symbols
  • RLC3 A2 Revision Pamphlet – Religious Language
  • RLC3 A3 Dominoes – Religious Language
  • RLC3 A3 Triangulation – Religious Languae
  • RLC3 E1 Source – Tillich
  • RLC3 L Symbols
  • RLC3 P Symbols pptx
6 Religious Language Logical Positivism
RLL1 Logical Positivism
RLL O Logical Positivism
  • RLL1 A1 Argument Temple Logical Positivism
  • RLL1 A1 Diamond 9 – Logical Positivism
  • RLL1 A2 De Bono Hats – Orwell
  • RLL1 A2 Silent Debate – Verificationism
  • RLL1 A3 Image Assigning – Raven
  • RLL1 A3 Three Questions – Verification
  • RLL1 D1 Summary – Verification
  • RLL1 E1 Source – Ayer
  • RLL1 E2 Source – Orwell Newspeak
  • RLL1 L Verification
  • RLL1 P Verification pptx
RLL2 Verification
  • RLL2 A1 Argument Angel – Verification
  • RLL2 A1 Question Analysis – Verification
  • RLL2 A2 Revision Pamphlet – Verificationism
  • RLL2 A2 Scholar Dialogue – Wittgenstein Ayer
  • RLL2 A3 Bloom Cube – Language Games
  • RLL2 A3 Plenary Triangle – Verification
  • RLL2 E1 Source – Flew
  • RLL2 E2 Source – Wittgenstien
  • RLL2 E3 Source – Swinburne
  • RLL2 L Language Games
  • RLL2 P Language Games pptx
RLL3 Falsification
  • RLL3 A1 Key Terms – Logical Positivism
  • RLL3 A1 Scholar Comparison – Verification
  • RLL3 A2 Key Points Table – Falsification
  • RLL3 A2 Mind Mapping – Falsification
  • RLL3 A3 Confused Opinions – Falsification
  • RLL3 A3 Triangulation – Logical Positivism
  • RLL3 D Summary – Falsification
  • RLL3 E1 Source – Popper
  • RLL3 E2 Source – Flew
  • RLL3 L Falsification
  • RLL3 P Falsification pptx
RLL4 Bliks
  • RLL4 A1 Sorting Task – Fasifaction Parables
  • RLL4 A1 Venn Diagram – Religious Language
  • RLL4 A2 Argument Analysis – Bliks
  • RLL4 A2 Knowledge Wheel – Parables
  • RLL4 A3 Dominoes – Religious Language
  • RLL4 A3 Taboo – Logical Positivism
  • RLL4 D1 Summary – Response to Flew
  • RLL4 E1 Source – Hare
  • RLL4 L Bliks
  • RLL4 P Bliks pptx

This pack includes, from Religious Thought (year 2):

Pluralism & Theology

PT1 Exclusivism
PT1 A1 Credit & Concern Kraemer and Barth
PT1 A2 Argument Temple
PT1 E1 Extract Lumen Gentium
PT1 E2 Extract Kraemer and Barth
PT1 L Lesson Plan Exclusivism
PT1 P Presentation – Exclusivism

PT2 Inclusivism
PT2 A1 Thought Bubbles
PT2 E1 Lumen Gentium
PT2 L Lesson Plan Inclusivism
PT2 P Presentation Inclusivism

PT3 Pluralism
PT3 A1 Class Reacts to Hick’s Thoughts
PT3 A2 Panikkar Activity
PT3 L Lesson Plan Pluralism
PT3 P Presentation Pluralism

PT4 Issues Pluralism 1
PT4 A1 Bible References Activity
PT4 A2 Structured Activity
PT4 E1 Create a Script
PT4 L Lesson Plan Issues 1
PT4 P Presentation Issues 1

PT5 Issues Pluralism 2
PT5 A1 Christian Views Undermined
PT5 A2 Peer Assessment
LT5 L Lesson Plan Issues around Pluralism 2
LT5 P Presentation Issues around Pluralism 2

9 Activities
4 Extracts
5 Presentations
5 Lesson Plans

This pack includes, from Religious Thought:

Pluralism & Society

PS1 Multi Faith Society
PS1 A1 For & Against
PS1 L Lesson Plan Multi Faith Society
PS1 P Presentation – Muli Faith Society

PS2 Christian Responses
PS2 A1 Scripted Dialogue
PS2 A2 Inter Faith Forum Diagram
PS2 E1 Redemptoris Missio Extracts and Questions
PS2 L Lesson Plan Christian Responses to Pluralism
PS2 P Presentation Christian Responses to Pluralism

PS3 Scriptural Reasoning – Pluralism
LT3 A1 Evaluative Table Fill – Scriptural Reasoning
LT3 A2 Peer Assessment
LT3 L Lesson Plan Scriptural Reasoning
LT3 P Presentation Scriptural Reasoning

PS4 Issues of Dialogue and Reasoning
PS4 A1 Activity Cut, Code & Scale
PS4 A2 Cut Code and Scale Template
LT4 L Lesson Plan Scriptural Reasoning
LT4 P Presentation Issues of Dialogue and Reasoning

6 Activities
1 Extract
4 Presentations
4 Lesson Plans

This pack includes, from Religious Thought:

Liberation Theology

LT1 Liberation Introduction
LT1 A1 Table Fill
LT1 FC1 Guiterrez and Romero Film Clip
LT1 P Presentation – Introduction to Liberation Theology

LT2 Alienation and Exploitation
LT2 A1 Think and Disagree Activity
LT2 FC1 Marx Video Clip
LT2 L Lesson Plan Alienation
LT2 P Presentation Alienation

LT3 Social Sin
LT3 A1 Produce a Script
LT3 L Lesson Plan
LT3 P Presentation Social Sin

LT4 Preferential Option for the Poor
LT4 A1 Activity
LT4 L Lesson Plan Preferential Option for the Poor
LT4 P Presentation

LT5 Theology and Marx – Issues and Arguments
LT5 A1 Build a Diagram
LT5 A2 Issues and Arguments
LT5 L Lesson Plan Issues and Arguments
LT5 P Presentation Issues and Arguments

6 Activities
2 Film Clip Suggestions
5 Presentations

S1 & S2 Freud and Dawkins
S1 A1 Key Word Match
S1 A2 Silent Debate
S1 FC1 Philomena Film Clip
S1 L1 and L2 Lesson Plans Freud and Dawkins
S1 and S2 P Presentation – Freud and Dawkins

S3 Secular Humanism
S3 A1 Amsterdam Declaration Ranking Exercise
S3 A2 Secularism State an Opinion
S3 A3 Arguments around Faith Schools Create a Script
S3 A4 Write a Reply Letter to Christopher Dawson
S3 L Lesson Plan Secular Humanism
S3 P Presentation Secular Humanism

S4 Issues around Secularism
S4 A1 Activity Table Fill – Example and Response
LT4 L Lesson Plan Issues (Secularism)
LT4 P Presentation Issues (Secularism)

S5 Scholar Study Secularism
S5 L Lesson Plan Scholar Study
S5 P Presentation Scholar Study

7 Activities
1 Film Clip Suggestions
4 Presentations
4 Lesson Plans

Lesson F1 Introducing Gender and Society – Bible texts

F1 S1 Starter Activity – Gender Stereotypes
F1 E1 Hermeneutics of Suspicion
F1 E2 Ephesians 5 – deconstructing the Text
F1 E3 Mulieris Dignitatem (The Dignity of Women) 1988 Encyclical
F1 E4 Ephesians 5 – key text
F1 E5 Debate Headship – for and against
F1 E6 Inter Insigniores (Among the Consequences) 1976 Encyclical
F1 P Presentation Gender and society 1
F1 L Lesson Plan Gender and Society 1
F1 F Plenary Activity –

Lesson F2 Deconstructing Bible Texts Rosemary Ruether

F2 S Starter Activity – Images of Eve
F2 A1 Activity – fill in Table (students blank copy)
F2 A2 Activity – Teacher’s copy (answers supplied)
F2 E1 Extract Ruether and Biblical Interpretation
F2 E2 Extract – Rosemary Ruether Sexism and God Talk
F2 E3 Extract – Isaiah and Justice (the Golden Thread)
F2 E4 Extract – Can a Male Saviour Save Women?
F2 E5 Extract – Evaluation of Ruether
F2 F Plenary Activity – gap fill exercise
F2 F Answers – Plenary Activity
F2 L Lesson Plan Rosemary Ruether
F2 P Presentation Rosemary Ruether and Feminist Hermeneutics
F2 D Diagram – Structure of Ruether’s Thought

Lesson F3 Mary Daly and the Radical Post-Christian Feminist Critique

F3 S Starter Activity – The Myth of Metis (with image and extract from Gyn/ecology)
F3 E1 Extract – Sin Big
F3 E2 Extract – De Beauvoir the Second Sex
F3 E3 Extract – Mary Daly
F3 E4 Extract – Open Letter to Mary Daly (Audre Lorde)
F3 E5 Extract – Evaluating Mary Daly
F3 F Plenary Activity – Let’s Spark!
F3 L Lesson Plan Mary Daly and Radical Feminism
F3 P Presentation Mary Daly

Lesson F4 Gender and Society revisited – Key Issues

F4 S Starter Activity – Images of Mary
F4 A1 Comparative Table – blank
F4 A1 Comparative Table – Teacher’s copy with answers
F4 P Presentation Gender and Society – the issues
F4 F Quicktest – Gender and society recap
F4 F (2) Answers Quicktest


38 items
4 two hour lesson plans (8 hours teaching)
4 Starter activities (S)
4 Plenary Activities (F for final)
4 Presentations (P)
6 Activity Suggestions with answers
16 Extracts for classroom use

Plus much much more!

This is just a sample of our year 2 files and also includes year 1 files!