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    Year 2 Teaching Pack

H573/03 Teaching Pack – Religious Thought New Spec Year 2

Author: Daniella Dunsmore & Peter Baron
Product Format: Digital documents

Daniella Dunsmore and Peter Baron take a multiple-intelligences approach to teaching the key themes of pluralism, feminism (issues of gender and society), secularism and liberation theology. Designed lesson by lesson to give detailed lesson plans, starter activities, extracts, powerpoints and film clip suggestions this pack puts the ‘wow’ back into teaching and saves the teacher hours of preparation.

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Pack contents overview listed below :

Pluralism & Theology

PT1 Exclusivism
PT1 A1 Credit & Concern Kraemer and Barth
PT1 A2 Argument Temple
PT1 E1 Extract Lumen Gentium
PT1 E2 Extract Kraemer and Barth
PT1 L Lesson Plan Exclusivism
PT1 P Presentation – Exclusivism

PT2 Inclusivism
PT2 A1 Thought Bubbles
PT2 E1 Lumen Gentium
PT2 L Lesson Plan Inclusivism
PT2 P Presentation Inclusivism

PT3 Pluralism
PT3 A1 Class Reacts to Hick’s Thoughts
PT3 A2 Panikkar Activity
PT3 L Lesson Plan Pluralism
PT3 P Presentation Pluralism

PT4 Issues Pluralism 1
PT4 A1 Bible References Activity
PT4 A2 Structured Activity
PT4 E1 Create a Script
PT4 L Lesson Plan Issues 1
PT4 P Presentation Issues 1

PT5 Issues Pluralism 2
PT5 A1 Christian Views Undermined
PT5 A2 Peer Assessment
LT5 L Lesson Plan Issues around Pluralism 2
LT5 P Presentation Issues around Pluralism 2

9 Activities
4 Extracts
5 Presentations
5 Lesson Plans

Pluralism & Society

PS1 Multi Faith Society
PS1 A1 For & Against
PS1 L Lesson Plan Multi Faith Society
PS1 P Presentation – Muli Faith Society

PS2 Christian Responses
PS2 A1 Scripted Dialogue
PS2 A2 Inter Faith Forum Diagram
PS2 E1 Redemptoris Missio Extracts and Questions
PS2 L Lesson Plan Christian Responses to Pluralism
PS2 P Presentation Christian Responses to Pluralism

PS3 Scriptural Reasoning – Pluralism
LT3 A1 Evaluative Table Fill – Scriptural Reasoning
LT3 A2 Peer Assessment
LT3 L Lesson Plan Scriptural Reasoning
LT3 P Presentation Scriptural Reasoning

PS4 Issues of Dialogue and Reasoning
PS4 A1 Activity Cut, Code & Scale
PS4 A2 Cut Code and Scale Template
LT4 L Lesson Plan Scriptural Reasoning
LT4 P Presentation Issues of Dialogue and Reasoning

6 Activities
1 Extract
4 Presentations
4 Lesson Plans

Liberation Theology

LT1 Liberation Introduction
LT1 A1 Table Fill
LT1 FC1 Guiterrez and Romero Film Clip
LT1 P Presentation – Introduction to Liberation Theology

LT2 Alienation and Exploitation
LT2 A1 Think and Disagree Activity
LT2 FC1 Marx Video Clip
LT2 L Lesson Plan Alienation
LT2 P Presentation Alienation

LT3 Social Sin
LT3 A1 Produce a Script
LT3 L Lesson Plan
LT3 P Presentation Social Sin

LT4 Preferential Option for the Poor
LT4 A1 Activity
LT4 L Lesson Plan Preferential Option for the Poor
LT4 P Presentation

LT5 Theology and Marx – Issues and Arguments
LT5 A1 Build a Diagram
LT5 A2 Issues and Arguments
LT5 L Lesson Plan Issues and Arguments
LT5 P Presentation Issues and Arguments

6 Activities
2 Film Clip Suggestions
5 Presentations
5 Lesson Plans


S1 & S2 Freud and Dawkins
S1 A1 Key Word Match
S1 A2 Silent Debate
S1 FC1 Philomena Film Clip
S1 L1 and L2 Lesson Plans Freud and Dawkins
S1 and S2 P Presentation – Freud and Dawkins

S3 Secular Humanism
S3 A1 Amsterdam Declaration Ranking Exercise
S3 A2 Secularism State an Opinion
S3 A3 Arguments around Faith Schools Create a Script
S3 A4 Write a Reply Letter to Christopher Dawson
S3 L Lesson Plan Secular Humanism
S3 P Presentation Secular Humanism

S4 Issues around Secularism
S4 A1 Activity Table Fill – Example and Response
LT4 L Lesson Plan Issues (Secularism)
LT4 P Presentation Issues (Secularism)

S5 Scholar Study Secularism
S5 L Lesson Plan Scholar Study
S5 P Presentation Scholar Study

7 Activities
1 Film Clip Suggestions
4 Presentations
4 Lesson Plans

Feminism (Gender and Society)

Lesson F1 Introducing Gender and Society – Bible texts

F1 S1 Starter Activity – Gender Stereotypes
F1 E1 Hermeneutics of Suspicion
F1 E2 Ephesians 5 – deconstructing the Text
F1 E3 Mulieris Dignitatem (The Dignity of Women) 1988 Encyclical
F1 E4 Ephesians 5 – key text
F1 E5 Debate Headship – for and against
F1 E6 Inter Insigniores (Among the Consequences) 1976 Encyclical
F1 P Presentation Gender and society 1
F1 L Lesson Plan Gender and Society 1
F1 F Plenary Activity –

Lesson F2 Deconstructing Bible Texts Rosemary Ruether

F2 S Starter Activity – Images of Eve
F2 A1 Activity – fill in Table (students blank copy)
F2 A2 Activity – Teacher’s copy (answers supplied)
F2 E1 Extract Ruether and Biblical Interpretation
F2 E2 Extract – Rosemary Ruether Sexism and God Talk
F2 E3 Extract – Isaiah and Justice (the Golden Thread)
F2 E4 Extract – Can a Male Saviour Save Women?
F2 E5 Extract – Evaluation of Ruether
F2 F Plenary Activity – gap fill exercise
F2 F Answers – Plenary Activity
F2 L Lesson Plan Rosemary Ruether
F2 P Presentation Rosemary Ruether and Feminist Hermeneutics
F2 D Diagram – Structure of Ruether’s Thought

Lesson F3 Mary Daly and the Radical Post-Christian Feminist Critique

F3 S Starter Activity – The Myth of Metis (with image and extract from Gyn/ecology)
F3 E1 Extract – Sin Big
F3 E2 Extract – De Beauvoir the Second Sex
F3 E3 Extract – Mary Daly
F3 E4 Extract – Open Letter to Mary Daly (Audre Lorde)
F3 E5 Extract – Evaluating Mary Daly
F3 F Plenary Activity – Let’s Spark!
F3 L Lesson Plan Mary Daly and Radical Feminism
F3 P Presentation Mary Daly

Lesson F4 Gender and Society revisited – Key Issues

F4 S Starter Activity – Images of Mary
F4 A1 Comparative Table – blank
F4 A1 Comparative Table – Teacher’s copy with answers
F4 P Presentation Gender and Society – the issues
F4 F Quicktest – Gender and society recap
F4 F (2) Answers Quicktest


38 items
4 two hour lesson plans (8 hours teaching)
4 Starter activities (S)
4 Plenary Activities (F for final)
4 Presentations (P)
6 Activity Suggestions with answers
16 Extracts for classroom use