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Model Essays for OCR GCE Religious Studies

Top teachers with examination experience subject selected essays from all aspects of the new OCR GCE A level specification to deep marking. Essays are commented on paragraph by paragraph, and a full explanation is given of how the six levels of assessment and bands mark are applied. A range of essays is taken from A* through to D to try and produce a clear contrast between the best essays, and essays which fall off top grade. Students and teachers will find the examples and comments invaluable.


  • Introduction
  • How Essays are Marked and Graded

Philosophy of Religion H573/1

  • ‘Episteme comes from reason, not doxa’. Discuss (34/40 Grade A)
  • The cosmological argument successfully demonstrates that God must exist. Grade A 32/40
  • Assess the extent to which the ontological argument fails to prove that God exists analytically. (32/40 Grade A)
  • To what extent can it be believed that religious experiences are no more than illusions? (39/40 Grade A*)
  • ‘The problem of evil proves that there can be no God’. Discuss. (40/40 Grade A*)
  • Critically assess the philosophical problems raised by the belief that God is omnipotent. (33/40 Grade A)
  • Critically assess the traditional Christian concept of God being eternal. (40/40 Grade A*)
  • ‘Symbols are the only meaningful way of talking about God’. Discuss. (38/40 Grade A*)
  • ‘The Falsification Principle presents no real challenge to religious belief’. Discuss. (38/40 Grade A*)
  • ‘God talk is meaningless’. Discuss. (40/40 Grade A*)

Ethics H573/2

  • To what extent, if any, is Utilitarianism a good theory for approaching moral decisions in life? (30/40 Grade B)
  • Utilitarianism provides a helpful method of moral decision making. Discuss. (26/40 Grade C)
  • ‘Kantian ethics is helpful for moral decision-making in every kind of context’. Discuss (22/40 Grade D)
  • ‘Natural law theory succeeds because it takes human nature seriously’. Discuss (36/40 Grade A*) 141
  • Critically asses the view that businesses have a moral duty to put their customers first. (20/40 Grade D)
  • Assess the view that situation ethics is the most flexible approach to moral decision-making. (19/40 Grade D)
  • Ethical statements are no more than expressions of emotion. Discuss. (14/40 Grade E)
  • Is conscience linked to or separate from reason and the unconscious mind? (36/40 Grade A*)
  • ‘Conscience is the voice of God working within us’. Discuss. (33/40 Grade A)
  • ‘Is the conscience rational?’ (28/40 Grade B)
  • Critically assess the view that natural law is the best approach to issues surrounding sexual ethics. (38/40 Grade A*)

Christian Thought (H573/3)

  • ‘The Church should decide what is morally good’. Discuss. (36/40 A*)
  • To what extent can belief in the existence of purgatory be justified? (26/40 Grade C)
  • ‘The doctrine of Election is incompatible with belief in a just God’. Discuss (39/40 A*)
  • To what extent was Jesus just a teacher of morality? (36/40 Grade A)
  • ‘Christian values are more than just basic human values: they have something distinctive to offer’. Discuss (36/40 Grade A*)
  • Assess the view that Bonhoeffer’s teaching on ethics still has relevance today. (29/40 Grade B)
  • ‘Bonhoeffer’s most important teaching is on leadership’. Discuss. (31/40 Grade B)
  • ‘A theologically pluralist approach significantly undermines the central doctrines of Christianity’. Discuss (32/40 Grade A)
  • ‘Christianity follows where culture leads’. Discuss (28/40 Grade B)
  • To what extent do religious experiences provide a basis for belief in God or a higher power? (34/40 Grade A)
  • To what extent is Christianity better than Marxism at tackling social issues? (35/40 Grade A)
  • Critically compare Daly’s and Ruether’s teaching on God. (29/40 B Grade)
  • Appendix 1 The Levels of Assessment
  • Checklist for Self-assessment
  • Revision Access Website


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