Possible Future Questions

August 13, 2018
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How to Get an A GradeThe exam questions are analysed in greater detail in my book How to get an A Grade and also samples fully marked can be found in the peped book Model Essays both available in the peped shop. Notice that the exam questions cited below from the specimen paper 2016 and the actual paper of 2018 cannot be asked in this form again. In other words the same theme may be taken, but not with this precise wording. Notice that issues surrounding business ethics (whistleblowing, the environment, profit versus people and stakeholder interests, can only be applied to Kantian ethics and utilitarianism.

Asses the view that utilitarianism provides the best approach to business ethics. OCR specimen paper 2016.

Kantian ethics provide the best approach to business ethics. Discuss. OCR H573/2 June 2018

Possible future questions:

  1. “Kantian ethic of duty is superior to the utilitarian ethic of happiness in dealing with difficult business decisions”. Discuss
  2. Critically discuss the view that businesses have a moral duty to put their customers first.
  3. “Corporate social responsibility is ethical window-dressing to cover corporate greed”. Discuss
  4. Evaluate the view that capitalism will always exploit human beings in the pursuit of profit.
  5. “Globalisation widens the exploitation of human beings by reducing the need for ethically valid regulation of business behaviour”. Discuss



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