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August 13, 2018
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How to Get an A GradeThe exam questions are analysed in greater detail in my book How to get an A Grade and also samples fully marked can be found in the peped book Model Essays both available in the peped shop. Notice that the exam questions cited below from the specimen paper 2016 and the actual paper of 2018 cannot be asked in this form again. Notice how similar the specimen paper question was to the actual question in 2018, however, with the only other moral theory mentioned (only situation ethics and natural law can be applied to this issue).

Assess the view that situation ethics is of no help with regard to the issue of euthanasia. OCR specimen paper 2016

Assess the view that natural law is of no help with regard to the issue of euthanasia. OCR Paper H573/2 June 2018

Possible future questions:

  1. Natural Law is superior to situation ethics in its treatment of issues surrounding euthanasia”. Discuss
  2. Natural law succeeds because it takes human nature seriously. Discuss
  3. “Autonomy as an ideal is unrealistic. No-one is perfectly autonomous”. Discuss with reference to the ethical issue of euthanasia.
  4. “Sanctity of human life is the core principle of euthanasia”. Discuss
  5. “There is no moral difference between actively ending a life by euthanasia and omitting to treat the patient”. Discuss

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