Possible Exam Questions

August 4, 2018
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Here is a list of possible exam questions for H573/1 section of the specification, using the guidance in the specification and the trigger words (command words like ‘discuss’) which OCR has indicated will appear. If you prepare these questions thoroughly it is highly likely the exam questions will be very similar to one of these. If you’re struggling to master a philosophical way of writing essays, my book How to Write Philosophical Essays (available in the peped shop) explains how to do this. If you need a tutor for this course, please email me peterbaron@peped.org. PB

Cosmological Argument

  1. Assess the claim that the cosmological argument proves that God exists a posteriori.
  2. ‘Hume’s challenges successfully disprove the cosmological argument.’ Discuss.
  3. “The cosmological argument jumps to the conclusion that there is a transcendental creator without sufficient explanation”. Discuss
  4. “Aquinas’ first three ways provide compelling reasons to believe in God”. Discuss

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