Possible Exam Questions

August 10, 2018
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How to Get an A GradeHere is a set of possible exam questions you could face. For guidance on how to write essays, try my book How to Write Philosophical Essays available in the peped shop. Model essays are also available in book form. Remember to apply situation ethics  to issues surrounding euthanasia (such as autonomy, sanctity of life and quality of life) and issues surrounding sexual ethics for the full GCE A level. What happens in situation ethics when you believe a person’s best interests are served by dying, but you cannot ask them because they’re unconscious?

  1. “Situation ethics is too demanding as a system of ethical decision-making”. Discuss
  2. “Goodness is only defined by asking – how is agape best served”. Discuss
  3. “Agape is not so much a religious idea as an equivalent to saying ‘I want the best for you’”. Discuss
  4. Evaluate the extent to which situation ethics is individualistic and subjective.

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