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Tuesday 9th October 2018

OCR Religious Studies Training Day H573/1,2,3

Tuesday October 9th 2018
Monticello House, 45 Russell Square, London WC1B 4JP

Libby Ahluwalia and Peter Baron

A whole course introduction for new teachers or teachers not fully confident about the material.

Talks on the day: Philosophy of Religion with Libby Ahluwalia, Ethics with Peter Baron, and Christian Thought Libby Ahluwalia and Peter Baron.

  • Key themes explored
  • Assessment levels explained
  • Synoptic links made clear

This will be an interactive day with full resources provided.

About the speakers:
Libby Ahluwalia is an experienced examiner, teacher and textbook and revision guide author.

Peter Baron is editor and principal author of the peped website and resources for teachers and students, and a highly experienced teacher and author.

Place Price: £150

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October9th2018 OCR Religious Studies H573 Training Day

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