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What is Peped?

This is a resource for students and teachers who want to maximise their grade potential.


We want to help the way students and teachers learn.

How to use this site

Choose your topic area from the menu above and then select the resource you want. For more resources visit our shop.

We’ve got great reviews!

“Out of desperation and a need for sanity I have just ordered the whole 2 yr course bundle!

I will drown if I try to plan lessons from scratch on topics I’ve never taught before in 25 yrs in the profession.

The samples look well planned and well resourced and even if I need to adapt them they give me and my colleagues a starting point.

£230 for a complete two-year course that will save countless hours of planning & will be of use for years to come seems like a bargain to me, even if our budget takes a big hit this year!”